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This project is for the proposed development of a new settlement on a greenfield site in the peri-urban area of the greater Cape Town metropolitan region. The development is approx. 450 ha. net with a density of between 100 Du/ha & 120 Du/ha. A working density of 100 Du/ha has been assumed. The tab 'MACRO ARGUMENT' leads to a contact sheet, the link leading to a page which, is essentially a series of quotes. These quotes take the reader through some of the thinking behind the project. The summary sheets, just as they say, summarise the project. Consequently, the links to the three panels give a quick overview of the project.

The 'SPATIAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN' tab takes the reader to a contact sheet which is at the heart of the project. This section shows the methadology behind the project. The numbered sheets, work across scales, from the broader regional & metropolitan scale, right down to the scale of the individual plot. For example, panel 4 shows ideas presented in this project can be expanded to the greater region. Much like the French Bastides. Thereby accommodating population growth, preserving natural resources, & ensuring people are located in close proximity to economic opportunities. Similarly, the last panel, panel 14 shows how the concept of enclosure & protected space is carried through, from the creation of urban corridors definning protected 'green rooms' at the tregional scale, to the idea of the specific settlement in question definning productive intensive agricultural land as a protected resource. Then, right down to the scale of the plot & block, ensuring secure green space providing plot enclosure and privacy to residents.

Having reached a design for the settlement layout through a methadology, as descibed, the 'DEVELOPMENT GUIDELINES' tab goes on to explain the project in more detail. In so doing this section begins to give guidance on the actual making of the built environment. For example, an approach to developing blocks in a phased manner, so as to ensure streetscapes are defined at an early stage of the development.

  • SUMMARY SHEETS: Panels 1-3
Locality Plan
1. Locality Plan
Specific Block Study
2. Specific Block Study
Specific Block Study
3. Specific Block Study
Viewing Images
4. Viewing Images
Key Plan & View 1
5. Key Plan & View 1
Views 2 & 3
6. Views 2 & 3
Views 4 & 5
7. Views 4 & 5
View 6
8. View 6



Spatial Development Plan for Fisantekraal

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