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1. Personal details
2. Professional registration
3. Education
4. Computer skills
5. Work experience
6. Travel



Australian / South African



+2721 4475617





Date of Birth:

25 May 1963



The South African Council for Architects (Reg. No. 5227)

The Cape Institute of Architects (Reg. No. 7115)

Urban Design Institute of South Africa (Reg. No. G005)

The South African Council for Planners (Reg. No. A/2092/2015)


3.1 University:

Name of Establishment:

University of Cape Town

Course of Study:

Master of City Planning and Urban Design

Duration of Study:

2005 – 2007

Course of Study:

Bachelor of Architecture

Duration of Study:

1988 – 1991

Course of Study:

Bachelor of Architectural Studies

Duration of Study:

1985 – 1987

3.2 Schooling:

1979 – 1980

Waldorf, Constantia, Cape Town

1976 – 1978

Wynberg Boys High School, Cape Town

1969 – 1975

Wynberg Boys Junior School, Cape Town




AutoCAD LT 2012

Excellent, 20 years plus experience

Sketchup Pro. 2016

Good, 10 years plus experience

GIS Arcmap 10

Basic working, 10 plus intermittent experience

GIS Arcscene

Very basic

Adobe Indesign

Good, 10 years experience

Adobe Illustrator

Very good, approx. 7 years experience

Adobe Photoshop

Basic, 10 years intermittent experience

Adobe Dreamweaver

Basic (only used to create this website)

Microsoft Office Suite



September 2014 – Ongoing:

Employed on freelance basis for Magqwaka Associates Architects. Projects mainly include low income group housing. Project size varies from approx. 230 living units to 10 000 living units.

Continue to work independently on various projects, including ongoing design development and local authority submission for a project of 114 retirement units. Size of living units range from approx. 65m2 to 97m2.

Continued employment at ARGDesign on freelance basis. Projects include design of bus depot in Ekurhuleni, fast track project and assist with various urban design projects.

January 2013 – Ongoing:

Employed at ARGDesign on freelance basis. Projects and related tasks involved with as urban designer include:

Saldahna Local Area Spatial Development Framework


Assist with data collection and analysis.


Urban Design contribution to local plans development.


Limited involvement in consultation and public processes.

Develop Milnerton Local Area Spatial Development Framework


Urban design contribution to Development Framework Draft Report.


Limited involvement in public consultation process.



Prepare constraints and Informants maps.


Development of four development options.


Progress development of preferred urban design masterplan.


Create a set of diagrams explaining the logic behind the urban design masterplan for power point presentation to the city project management team (PMT).


Set up existing and proposed zoning maps.


Develop options 1 and 2 taking into account City of Cape Town's inputs.


Prepare for and attend PMT workshop.


Prepare zoning diagrams.

Windhoek Proposal


Set upbase GIS info for Urban Design Conceptual Framework and 3-D sketch.


Interpolate and investigate design for focus areas.


Draw up urban design concept in Autocad.


Import Autocad layers into Adobe Illustrator and draw urban design concept presentation drawings.


Input interpolated urban design concept in Autocad layers into GIS Arcscene and convert into GIS layers for use in 3-D GIS model.


Construct 3-D in GIS Arcscene.


Sketch 3-D concept vision from constructed 3-D GIS Arcscene model.


Colour up 3-D sketch in Adobe Illustrator for presentation.

July 2012 - December 2013:

Freelance work on various small architectural projects in association with a friend. Mainly alterations to Faircape retirement and frail care homes.

In addition worked independently on various projects, including developing design concept for a development of about 100 retirement living units. Size of living units range from 67m2 to 97m2. Development includes clubhouse.

February 2009 - June 2012:

Employed as urban designer by Piet Louw • Architects • Urban Designers • City Planners.

February 2008 - Jan 2009:

Employed as urban designer by the City of Cape Town, Spatial Planning and Urban Design Department.

2005 - 2007:

Enrolled for and completed Master of City Planning and Urban Design at University of Cape Town on part time basis while engaged in small architectural projects during the first two years of study.

March 2003 - 2005:

Self employed as Lance Gilmour Architect.

Nov. 2000 - Feb. 2003:

Employed by Nettleton Tribe Partnership Pty. Ltd. (N.T.P.), Sydney, Australia. While working at N.T.P. I was almost solely involved in residential developments. The main project which I was involved in was the Fairwater Gardens Development for which I assumed responsibility under the guidance of the directors. This project was designed in consultation with an urban design team, landscape architects, civil engineers, contractor/developers and marketing. Other projects I was involved in while at N.T.P. involved designing streetscape facades for medium density residential projects and general documenting in autocad.

Oct. 2000:

Contracted at the Travis McEwen Group, Sydney, to assist with autocad documenting of large development in China.

Aug. 1998 - Aug. 2000:

Self employed as Lance Gilmour Architect CC, projects include (describes work stage I took the project to):

Alteration and additions for owner, July 2000 (council submission)

New residence for owners, March 1999 (contract administration and inspection)

New residence for owners, August 1999 (council approval and limited inspection)

New residence for owners, August 1999 (technical documentation and inspection)

Proposed dwelling for owners, June 2000 (council submission)

Proposed apartments for developer, March 2000 (design concept)

New dwelling for owners, September 1998 (approval and technical documentation)

Proposed dwelling for owner, January 2000 (sketch design)

Alterations and additions to existing for owners, November 1999 (contract administration and inspection)

Alterations and additions to business premisses for owner, January 1999 (council approval).

May 1996 - June 1998:

Employed by Roberts & Loebenberg Architects, Cape Town. Mainly involved with the documentation of commercial projects on Autocad.

April 1995 – April 1996:

Employed by Neill Wilson Architect, Hermanus. Design and documentation of mostly residential architecture.

While employed at Neill Wilson Architect I also had the opportunity of designing a Day Care Centre in Zwelihle. I then, in my private capacity, was appointed as Project Manager for this project. I enjoyed interacting and working with the community very much. See testimonial from Stanley Manong, on testimonial page of this website, referring to this.

Feb. 1994 – Oct. 1994:

Employed by Neill Wilson Architect for three days a week while also administering contract for alterations and additions to my parents house in Rooiels, Cape Town.

Sept. 1992 – Dec. 1993:

Employed to project manage and build dwelling in Hout Bay, for friends father in law. See photos of Hout Bay House on project management page of this website.

Nov. 1991 – Sept. 1992:

Employed by Munnik, Visser, Black, Fish & Partners Architects and Planners. Detail drawings for mainly residential projects.


Sept. 2000 – Feb. 2003:

Lived and worked in Sydney, Australia (see work experience above). See travel sketches on urban sketches page of this website.

Dec. 1994 – March 1995:

Travelled United States of America. See travel sketches on urban sketches page of this website.

June 1988 – April 1989:

Travelled Europe. See travel sketches from Spain, Portugal and France on urban sketches page of this website.

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