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I was initially employed by a firm of local architects as a freelance consultant to prepare a concept design for this project. On the site, a large number of informal structures have been built on the banks surrounding an area which becomes flooded to form a large dam every year in the wet winters. Then, in the dry sumer months, the water dries out leaving a green park like 'kick-about-space' that is surrounded by these informal housing structures. The brief was to formalize an already existing situation and create a social housing project here.

Unfortunately, the initial concept I prepared for the firm of local architects was not taken any further. As a result I had no further involvement in the project. However, the project really captured my interest. So, I decided, with the permission of the original frirm of local architects to whom I was contracted, to continue with it as a design excercise. The results of this are shown here.

I decided to stay within the original brief and provide all two bedroom living units, each 40m2 (or 43m2 if duplex). However, within these restrictions, I also strove to create a design solution that allowed for future flexibility.


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